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Hello everyone, this is my original song blog.

It's,what I think is going to be, a once a month presentation of one of a group of songs that I recorded last year. They come from all eras, some of them new songs that I just wrote last year, as well as unheard ones from long ago! Also included will be a certain amount of bloggy commentary introducing each track.


All the songs are voice and guitar demos, and the quality or performance varies, widely. I knew that if I started worrying too much about the performances that I would never be able to get even such simple demos done. If ,as Voltaire said  "the perfect is the enemy of the good", then you were in store for some of the "goodest" recordings you have possibly ever heard. Try to think of it as a kind of the online version of you and me just hanging in person or maybe on the phone and me happening to play a new song for you that I have, to which you might quite likely say, "hey, great song. Er, you've heard of auto-tune, right?"

For those who have expressed appreciation for what I've done over the years, this is for you.

Song 8

College Rock

Written 1999

Personal rating

Song Good

Performance OK

Hello everyone. Hope that you're all good.

One of my things as far as writing at one point (around 1999) was about the idea of alternative realities, and I started thinking about what my life might have been like if I had actually seriously went to school. In my real life I had done about an aimless year and a half of junior college at the place that was about a half mile from my parents house in Woodland Hills (in the words of David Lee Roth "I made it as far as the quad") but that was it, leaving me years later only to dream of what my young, wild, hip years might have been like.

Obscure reference cheat sheet...

Maximum Rock and Roll-legendary punk rock fanzine

Portion Control-seminal industrial music group

Start with the volume at 1/8 or lower.

Thanks for listening.





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