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Anthony Douglas Perkins is a musician and songwriter from Los Angeles. Musically best known for his work with his indie-pop band Martin Luther Lennon as well as his work as a producer of a number of live music events in the late 1990s, including the Los Angeles Poptopia music festival. As a recording artist for  indie-pop label Not Lame records, Martin Luther Lennons first album, Music For A World Without Limitations, was reviewed by the L.A. Weekly as "the first classic pop album of of 1997, and as "the best album of the year, period." by Amplifier magazine. Most recently, in August of 2018, he was featured in the L.A. Weekly article The Underrated and Forgotten: Seven L.A. Bands That Way More People Should Know More About, where he was described as "the best L.A. songwriter of the 90s". He currently lives in Los Angeles.




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